• Drawing
  • New in: Muji pens

    This blog wouldn’t be my blog if I’d never raved/reviewed/talked about my muji pens. It’s not as new anymore as the title says or these pictures show, because I’ve bought them in May 2016 from Ebay. I don’t know why it took me so long to write about them, but better late than never, I hope? […]

  • Personal
  • My thoughts on week 1 of university

    Tl;dr: This is a little paragraph full of bullshit no one really cares about. I’m just anxious and I don’t have friends (yet?) Don’t even bother reading this. If you do want to read this, just take it with a grain of salt. Sorry if there are some typos or if my English is bugging […]

  • Summer
  • Summer occupations 2016

    People ask me often ‘hey what’ve you been doing this summer? How’s your life going? My answer: I was chilling. Here is a list of the things I mean when I just say ‘chilling’:  Shopping for my trip to Armenia As usual, we always have to buy extra little bits and bops to carry with us […]