Hello fellow internet people!

First things first

To be completely honest with you: I’m glad you stumbled upon my blog and I hope you’ll enjoy it! I guess I’ll introduce myself first. My name is Gloria, I’m currently 17 years old (I will be 18 on the 21ste of July) and I love a lot of things. That’s why I created this blog. To share the things I like or love with other people. What kind of things, you may ask? It can vary from fashion to anime and from travel to lifestyle – you name it and I like to write about it.

My blogging history

I’ve already created a blog (twice) in the past, but I didn’t take those blogs too seriously. I didn’t post articles regularly and the quality wasn’t that great. I hope my English isn’t too bad by the way, because I’m not a native speaker. My mother tongue is Dutch and I was born & raised in Belgium (but I have Armenian roots and I can speak Armenian pretty well). Anyway, to go back to why I didn’t post that freqently: I simlpy couldn’t because of school. I had a lot of homework, tests and exams. I just wanted to take school seriously so I could graduate with ease. There are quite a few other reasons, but I call them my “bs reasons”. I’m now 100% dedicated to take my new blog on a higher level, which already began by buying a domain name and all the other jargon I still need to learn.

My education

Guess what? I recently graduated from high school! I’m happy to close that chapter of my life, I was really getting tired of high school and the people in it. I just felt like a zombie, without any emotions, wasting some time behind the school desks. I didn’t hate anyone, but I also didn’t like anyone like wholeheartedly. I had the feeling as if I couldn’t bond with the people there, I don’t really know how I could explain my thoughts (accurate), but this will do. Huh wow no, this is getting a little sad. To be honest, it doens’t have to be. I’m super excited for what the future will bring. I’m planning on being a lot more social, getting to know more people and just enjoy life a little more. I have to see things on the bright side!

So a few days ago, I went to my local university to apply for the faculty/department East Asian Languages and Cultures: Japan (I don’t really know for sure how to translate it correctly, but I guess you can get the idea). In short: I’ll learn Japanese and anything that has to do with Japan. Really excited for that, as I have a tiny obsession with anime and Japan in general!

My obsessions

The things I could spend hours and hours on are photography, drawing, fashion and travel. I’m thinking that these will be the main things I’ll write about. Oh and I almost forgot I’m vegan, so maybe I’ll write about that as well.

Thanks again for joining me on my little journey through life! I’ll see you in my next post!



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