My thoughts on week 1 of university

Tl;dr: This is a little paragraph full of bullshit no one really cares about. I’m just anxious and I don’t have friends (yet?) Don’t even bother reading this. If you do want to read this, just take it with a grain of salt. Sorry if there are some typos or if my English is bugging you. I apologize for taking up this little space of internet and filling it with unimportant stuff? I’m planning on blogging more, but I can’t promise anything. I could write a huge text of 1,000 words, but I’m limiting myself to short paragraph so I won’t spend too much time on negative thoughts. 

I just need write my heart out, I just need to process this without bothering other people with my (irrational) bullshit.

Meeting new people is exhausting, but I did my best. I talked to a lot of people, which unfortunatly results in not knowing who I can be friends with now. I don’t even know all the people from my course and I feel like nobody wants to talk to me. 

It’s Monday the 3rd of october today and my first week of uni went like a breeze. The introduction day (during the week before uni actually started) was pretty fun, I talked to a lot of people, talked about fun stuff like anime, youtube, etc. This continued during the first week of uni, I even went to a student event I didn’t enjoy at all, but my classmate was so kind to let me go with her and her friend. Although it went so good, I guess it was escalating at the same time.  Maybe ‘excalating’ is a little overexaggerated, but every day I felt like the new people I’m meeting all hate me. There was always this slight tension, a lot of silences, etc. Especially today, Monday, I felt like crap since morning and it continued until 18:30 P.M. I couldn’t open my mouth to talk to people who were sitting next to me. I could barely talk to the guy/friend/classmate I knew for over 10 years. I could barely keep up a conversation with some people and some of them didn’t even bother to look at me or talk to me.

Note to future self: Please talk more, don’t give a crap and say whatever the fuck you want. Don’t hold back, say the random/funny things you’d like to say.


Thanks for reading and I’ll see you later.



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