My thoughts on university after a semester (update)

Hello my sweet little cherry pies!

A short ramble

How’s your day? Hopefully you’re doing fine! Some of you probably are on your winter break, others (university/college students like me) still have exams coming up in January. These past few monts just flew by and I have this feeling I haven’t done much, especially when I look at my books and papers I have lying around me. How come we’ve seen 400 pages of Philosophy in just 3 months? And we’ve discussed 300 pages of modern literature? I don’t know. I don’t have the time to question it. I have to cram all the material in my head before it’s too late (lol). University is a little harder than I thought, especially because I often come home around 7/8 P.M. and I’m practically dead after that.

I wanted to pick up the blogging where I left it, because especially during the finals I get inspired and creative. I miss the sound of typing on my keyboard, makes me feel professional (not to be confused with writing a paper, I don’t really like that because I suck at it). Just to do a quick update, I’d like to tell you how I feel about university now, because it has drastically changed. You can click here if you’d like to read my previous post.


Here comes the ‘drastically changed’ part. I finally feel like I have good friends now, even though we’ve known each other for a semster. Especially this one friend of mine, makes me feel like home at university and I’m glad I’ve met her. She’s vegan, loves anime, memes and h3h3, has this bad humour which makes me laugh all the time. We’ve also exchanged presents before christmas and I’ve recieved these wonderfull little gifts which make me feel loved, because they’ve put much thought and effort in it. Obviously, there are still people in my class with whom I still don’t hang out with or I stopped hanging out with (because I don’t feel at ease when I’m around them).

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the group of people I hang out with and I think everyone at uni will find find that group eventually (even if it’s in the 2nd semester of 2nd year).


This part hasn’t changed much, but I’m trying to make changes in my study habits. I’ve procrastined too much during the semester and I have to learn everything now on my own. To be more specific, it pisses me off how one of my professors uses insanely difficult English words and sentence structures in his scripts, but also makes a lot of spelling/grammatical mistakes. But he’s rad though, he often uses profane language during his lectures to make certain things more clear. Anyway, made a plan of action to study more efficiëntly while having enough time to do the things I love. I use a planner to plan everything out. Study sessions, blogging sessions, breaks, etc. I hope it’ll work out.


I don’t have much to say anymore, everything I cenrtainly had to talk about in this post, has been mentioned. As always, I’ll try do blog more and hopefully my plan works out. At the end, I always do this for myself, because I love to write. I’m thinking about sharing some of my drawings and how I’ve progressed in 2016. Although I’m not really sure if that’s a good idea (because there are a lot of horrible drawings I’m NOT proud of), I guess I’ll do it eventually. Just for the sake of it. Just to make myself cringe. But mainly to look back at them and be happy about the fact that I’ve become better at drawing.

How cheesy, I’m sorry. I hope you, yeah you who’s reading this, are happy at the moment. Generally happy with your current situation, although it’s not the best. Eventually everthing will be okay, if you work hard for what you want. (How cheesy was that, huh? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

Thanks for reading and I’ll see ya later!



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