The exam aftermath (Ya girl is back with an update) + Ukiyo-e


Hello my fellow internet friends, as you can see I am back again with another post. University has been killing my internet and social life, but now that I don’t have exams anymore, I can think about creating content again. Don’t ask me about my grades though, because I don’t have the results yet and I’m pretty sure it didn’t went too good. Welp, I learned from my mistakes (perhaps I could make a blogpost about the mistakes I’ve made in uni and what I’ve learned from them?). Anyway, now I know how I should tacle the exams better next time. My university life is pretty dank as you can see.

I always have so many ideas to write about during the exams, but when I am free I get drowned in this ocean of boredom. Luckily, I wrote all my idea’s in my lil’ notebook/sketchbook (I finally did something remotely good in my life!!) JK, but really, I always forget those idea’s, so I wrote them down this time.

The only hard thing is that I am shy as fuck when it comes to filming and taking pictures of myself and people in public. I need to stop being a lil’ bitch for once and get out of this stupid comfort zone more often. Maybe this year is going to be the year where I do lots of crazy stuff. Who knows.

Anyway, I’m going to Brussels tomorrow with a friend of mine from highschool, which I’m pretty excited about! We’ll be going to an exhibition called “Ukiyo-e” at the “Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis” (aka a museum in Brussels). The exhibition is all about Japanese print art, which we’ll be pretty awesome, I’m sure of it. As you may know, I’m currently studying Japanese at the university of Ghent (and hopefully I’ll be able to complete it lol). It makes sense to me to go, I’m interested in Japanese culture. If you’re Belgian, you can still attend it until the 5th of March! Click here to check out the site of the museum if you’d like to get more details. I’ll definitely write a whole blogpost dedicated to the museum (and my day in general) to capture my good/bad experience.

Also, my friends from uni and I are having a sleepover, which will be pretty dank. I’ll be making vegan banana muffins and the rest will also be making lots of delicious food, I’m sooo excited! The only thing that I have to remind myself is to take pictures a lot. Yay for fun times with friends! I hope you have great people in your life as well.

Thanks for reading my little rant and I’ll see ya later!



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