Does Fittea detox actually help to lose a lot of weight and be healthy?

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Hi everyone! I made a little post for you guys about what grinded my gears today (hah did u get the meme?) which is seeing “fittea” on literally EVERY Belgian bloggers’ Instagram page. I thought this trend died out already, but I still see this everywhere. Or is “skinnycoffeeclub” the new trend? I don’t know. I’d like to take a look with you guys and see what ‘fittea’ actually is and if it’s worth buying. Does Fittea detox actually help to lose a lot of weight? How can tea be not fit? What’s so special about this tea? Here is why (or why not).

What is Fittea to begin with?, the company that sells the Fittea says:

Fittea is the first functional tea brand for a healthier and better You. We offer a variety of functional teas, which combine great taste and effect. Our Body Detox Tea contains selected ingredients to promote fat-burning and support your metabolism. Furthermore, this tea enhances your complexion and helps you to simply feel better. It contains a lot of vitamins and antioxidants that effects your health and well-being. Furthermore, it reduces bloating. Enjoy a cup of our Body Detox Tea every morning and start your day with a smile and more energy. Find further information about Detox Nutrition plan for free!

Not my pictureMy thoughts?

The first 3 sentences already smell pretty fishy. “For a healthier and better you”. You know what makes you happy? Not eating crap like McDonalds’ burgers or food high in cholesterol in general. Also, minimazing processed foods is pretty dank, if you ask me. I can back you up with some resources if you want. My main goal at the moment is not telling you that you HAVE to be vegan. But please, don’t fall in this trap.

This specific tea isn’t going to make you healthier if you keep eating crap. I’m also pretty sad about the fact that I couldn’t find much information on their site about how they make their tea so ‘healthy’ as they claim it to be. I looked up the ingrediënts of fittea and it’s just a mix of normal herbs or fruit. You can just drink regular green tea for the anti-oxidants or eat lots of fruit. The most important part: you don’t have to spend loads of money on tea. 

Here’s their nutrition plan. Found something pretty funny here. They say:

“Besides our Body Detox Tea from you can drink every other sort of tea as well, as long as you don´t add any sugar to it. Drinking additional green tea brings an extra boost to your metabolism.”

Oh, really?

It’s also funny how they say which foods you should avoid. Those are animal derived products. Cool how they’re not too far from promoting veganism, which is pretty cool. The only thing that’s okay are low But that is the main thing that makes you healthy man, not the detox tea.

What about the people who claim they experience some benefits?

People who claim to get fit are probably experiencing this because they’ve only been eating crap before and now they only drink tea, water or juices without a ton of added sugars and they eat pretty clean ‘unprocessed’ foods. Yeah, then you’ll see results. But you don’t have to buy that specific tea in order to be healthy. Your beautiful body detoxes itself already when you’re eating healthy, yay!

Does fittea detox actually work to lose a lot of weight?

Check out these resources for more information. I could summarize them all, but I don’t think I can explain it better than people who’re actually doing research on this topic. I’m not a scientist nor a nutrionist whatsoever. Here are some good articles I’ve found: Article 1, article 2, article 3.

Oh and by the way:

Teni is one of my favourite fitbloggers and I remembered her making a few posts about detox, so I thought I should include it for all you Dutch speaking internet people over here. Here are 3 articles she made (in Dutch): article 4, article 5 and article 6. They’re pretty well explained in my opinion and you should definitly check out the resources she out under her blogpost if you want to learn more about this specific topic.

The only good thing?

The packaging. I can’t deny the fact that the packaging looks pretty cool. But that’s basically it. They’re good at marketing their product.

Perhaps it tastes good, but I can’t give you information on that, I haven’t bought it myself. If you actually like the taste of Fittea and/or it makes you happy, you should go ahead and buy more, I won’t judge you lol.

Does Fittea detox actually work to lose a lot of weight?

Nope, not specifically. Tea can help you, but it’s not that you HAVE to buy thise specific expensive brand. I just think that bloggers promote it merely for revieving a free product (and/or recieving money to write about it). Not naming specific names of bloggers, because I just don’t want to bash anyone. I just think it’s kind of crappy of them marketing a product that doesn’t make any sense.

 Here’s what you can do instead:

Eat healthy/clean, drink a lot of water or tea, exercise and you’re good to go. I could make another article about why eating plant based is the best, but that’d be too much to cover in one article. I know this is a very short -not so helpful- answer (if you were looking for  tips,alternatives or actual instructions on how to be healthy) and I’m sorry for that. I hope this article was remotely interesting/educational and if you did, make sure to leave a comment. Even if you didn’t like it that much, I’d like to hear how I can improve for future articles.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see ya later!



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