Idk what to put as a title because this is another lame update

Well, first of all, uni has been tough and I’m a procrastinator, which means I’ve been slacking on writing posts. Another sad update: I have to do so many resits (exams) as well and Idk I’m just plain stupid. I also forgot to unsubscribe my yearly thingy (how do you even call it lol, my yearly pay or something?) for this site, which means I spent 65 euros on this little corner of the internet once again, which I actually didn’t want. But when I think of the situation again, I guess those 65 euro’s would be spent on shit I don’t really need otherwise. I guess it’s not that bad of an investment after all, if I try to use me blog again ofcourse. Hopefully 1 person will find my blog and read my shitty posts.

So…I decided I should use this wisely and put my summaries I’m going to make this summer of Genki I on my blog. I hope I don’t get sued or something. Oh, and those summaries are going to be in Dutch I think (I’m still debating on this). These summaries will mostly be summaries of the grammar points which are discussed in the book and I’ll try to make them as easily memorisable as possible. I’m doing this, because my Japanese exam (resit, to be more precise) will be oral and is divided into 3 categories (aka 3 professors who will be interrogating me):

  • grammar + culture notes
  • conversation (with the Japanese professor)
  • reading, answering questions and writing kanji

During the exam in December (or January, can’t really remember anymore), I’ve been especially bad at explaining the grammar and the conversation, so this time I want to focus more on those parts. Kanji is also a point I need to keep working on, because I keep forgetting them.

That’s basically what I wanted to say. Thanks for reading and I’ll see ya soon.



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