About me

Gloria Khetchoumian

Hello! You’re interested in me, aren’t you? You’re at the right place, because I just wanted to drop some little secrets about me! 🙂

My story

The reason I have a blog is to share my story with you. It’s a pretty messy story with a vague plot, but as I grow, the red line trough the story will becomes more clear. I developed a “passion” (read: an obession) for fashion, drawing, photography, Japan and a basically a billion other stuff.

Let’s start with the story of my childhood. When I was little, I often wore my brothers’ old clothing, I wore clothes that were really warm yet very ugly (just caucasian mom things) and I never really felt comfortable in my skin. That’s were the drawing part came in pretty handy. I always loved drawing, but when I became self-conscious (around the age of 11), I began drawing clothing on pre-drawn models. I could draw whatever I wanted and create crazy designs without being bothered to buy anything or get in trouble for wearing killer heels. Around that age I also loved reading books, which made my vocabulary a lot wider.

Online games for girls where you could dress up your avatar was a part of creating my sense of style since the age of 12/13. Young adult books became my thing. My best friend introduced he Hunger Games to me, which was my favourite book at the time. Youtube became my bestie, I loved youtubers at the time, especially British youtubers, because my English really improved a lot just by watching their videos.

A few years later (around the age of 14 I think), I could obviously choose my own clothing. The internet became a really important factor to further develop my sense of style, but also my mindset, my knowledge, my opinions on certain topics of life and really just becoming who I am today. If I remember well, I think I began watching anime around that age too. Weheartit, tumblr, deviantart, you name it and I used it. Tumblr made me fall in love with writing and photography. Around the age of 15 I bought my own DSLR camera, which opened my eyes. I loved taking pictures of everything and anything. I learned so much about photography in general just by reading a lot of blogs or watching youtube videos.

I don’t want to put it trough your throat, but I think I should also mention that I’m vegan, just so you know all the food related stuff I post on my blog is vegan. I love to cook fancy meals sometimes, but I also like simplicity and comfort food like (vegan) pizza or fries! Very important info, I know. To be frank, I’m not a crazy animal lover. I just want to be a healthy human being living on a planet without destroying it. This lifestyle became part of my life since the summer of 2015, which is a year ago.

Now we’ve pretty wrapped up my past, I think I can tell you my future plans. In september, I’ll study Japanese and I’m very VERY excited for that, as I really enjoy meeting new people (even though I’m an introvert) and I love Japan + its culture. Everything has a connection to my past, my childhood. By the way, to go deep into memory lane with anime: I’ve been watching anime since I was little, at least 5 years old, and I was OBLIGATED to watch Pokemon, Digimon, Dragon Ball Z, etc. by my big brother.

To summarise all this: the internet is my home, my coach, my teacher, … I learned so much trough the internet and I’d like to share my knowledge and experience with you guys. I know my knowledge isn’t as good/interesting/important as Kylie Jenner’s life, but I hope it could help someone. Maybe it could be a help for myself, to become a better human (by putting my thoughts into words on a screen). Maybe it could be an inspiration, just to know YOU CAN DO EVERTHING I DO. I’m just an 18 year old lil’ shit who has too many interests. I can’t draw properly or take pictures like a pro. I’m not smart or particularly good at learning new languages, but I’m trying. You can try too, because you have nothing to lose. (This makes me think of my speech I made during high school, maybe I should translate it and drop it here lol). Just be consistent and keep trying.

Please feel free to contact me by email (gloria.kh@hotmail.com) or my Instagram (http.sake).

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my blog and I hope to connect with you in the comment section below my blog posts or on Instagram!